SHS (sears home services - installations) aka SHS ServicesManagement Inc. Bankroptcy

As one of Ontario's premier appliance repair and installation companies, and now a former SHS contractor, we were sad to find out today that SHS (Sears Home Services) is going bankrupt. In an email received from SHS president Michael Strachan we were informed that the company will abruptly cease its operations today Dec 13, 2013. Our hearts go out to SHS employees that now find themselves unemployed right before the holiday season, we had the pleasure of working with many of them and they are all great individuals.

Dear SHS customers, in order to make this process as painless as possible for you we recommend you call 1-800-4-MY-HOME as soon as possible to get more information. You might need the information provided below in order to do so.

ViBoFix will be matching SHS Prices throughout the Holiday Season on all appliace instalations in our attempt to continuous service. Please feel free to give us a call to book your installation.


Email from SHS President:

Late today it was announced that SHS has ceased operations. It had been our hope that the court order would have happened early enough in the day that we, along with PwC, could have had the team on companywide conference calls. Below is the notice sent out from PwC. To all SHS team members vendors, installers, PSPs, and the owners I want to say thank you for helping us build something so amazing. It feels like we built an amazing new car and we never really got the chance to take it out on the highway. All the best. Michael


December 13, 2013


Dear Employee:

Subject: SHS ServicesManagement Inc. (“SHS” or the “Company”)

Please be advised that PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc. was appointed pursuant to an Order (the

“Receivership Order”) issued by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Commercial List) (the

“Court”) on December 13, 2013, as interim receiver (the “Receiver”) of all of the assets,

undertakings and properties of the Company.

Pursuant to paragraph 13 of the Receivership Order, this notice confirms that your employment

with the Company has been terminated, effective December 13, 2013. A copy of the Receivership

Order can be found on the Receiver’s website at

The Receiver is not responsible at law or otherwise for any unpaid salary, wages, vacation pay,

pay in lieu of notice (termination pay) or severance pay or any other employee benefits or

accrued incentives or entitlements owing to you by the Company prior to the date of the

Receivership Order. Details of the amounts owed to you by the Company will be provided to you

by the Receiver, at which time, the Receiver will comply with the provisions of the Wage Earner

Protection Program Act (“WEPPA”) and will provide you with further information regarding

theWEPPA program.

Your T4 and record of employment (“ROE”) will be sent to you in the normal course of business.

Should you have any questions, we request that you contact either the HR department at head

office or the hotline of the Receiver at 1-855-376-8474

Yours very truly,


in its capacity as Receiver of

SHS Services Management Inc./Gestion Des Services SHS Inc. and

SHS Services Limited Partnership

and not in its personal or corporate capacity




Suite 500

125 Commerce Valley Drive West

Markham, Ontario

L3T 7W4